Young London Escort

June 7th, 2009

Nicky is a young damsel that likes to have fun and is very outgoing. Her lively personality and feel-good attitude is simply contagious and will have you full of energy in no-time. This beautiful brunette is supple, slender and very hot. When looking at her gorgeous figure you can tell this girl works out extensively and takes great care of her appearance. Her finely trimmed legs are shaped like those of a dancer and her firm and round butt is simply mouth-watering. Seductive Nicky will make you loose your breath when letting the shades down.

Half long and shiny brunette hair curls down her back and frames her beautiful face with mesmerizing green eyes and soft lips graced by a gentle smile. The self-confident look of her glances spreads a sheer inexhaustible energy, nourished from a deeply rooted zest for life. Nicky will plunge into your masculine fantasy world and evoke a vortex of sensual pleasures. She will create a new sensation, where your senses are tenderly teased and caressed, followed by a wave of passionate heat that will bring you in a deep state of relaxation.

Just imagine having this sexy girl close to you and slipping off her lingerie, revealing her voluptuous DD-bosom and amazing body. Follow Nicky’s curves down to her thighs with your hands, take in all that makes this girl special and be dazzled by her wonderful boobs and stunning physique. With her beautiful curvaceous body and shimmering, smooth skin which is enriched by the scent of romance and sweet intimacy, she breathes feminine sensuality. Nicky will truly transform your tension into a carefree happy mood and take you straight to cloud nine.

This girl is free spirit, open minded and unconventional with an unmistakably sensual nature. Nicky is surprisingly adaptive without ever loosing her own and distinct graceful style. She stimulates the well being of your body and mind, unwinds you, melts your stress away and will generate a surprisingly warm and intense intimate memory that leaves a lush glow of delightful passionate sensuality of this liaison.

Nicky has excellent taste and the right outfit for any occasion. She is fashionable and elegant and likes a wide variety of styles, from stylish designer jeans to a sexy dress, everything looks absolutely gorgeous on this babe. Her hair and nails done, a sweet sexy dress wrapped around her skin and swinging on high heels, she is intriguingly stunning, showing off her model figure at 5’7″ tall. This is a girl who certainly doesn’t go unnoticed when out and about. It’s fun and truly rewarding to go out and enjoy London’s night life with your arm around Nicky’s waist. She knows all the right places and will take you to the hottest clubs, dancing the night away. Have an exiting and amusing time with this beautiful sexy woman and embark on an experience which will stay with you for a long time to come.

Invite Nicky to a dinner date and get to know her more intimately during a meal at an Italian or French restaurant. Indulge in a feast of the senses, enjoying good food and stimulating conversations with this gorgeous girl at your side. This cheerful young girl has a lot to offer and her talkative nature and irresistible charm will make you feel very much at ease and appreciated. You will most definitely welcome her uncomplicated company immediately.

Ultimate Sexy Escort and Glamour Model in London

May 5th, 2009

She has been the centre of attraction in the glamour modeling industry for a number of years now as an Internationally recognized magazine model, centerfold and Cover Girl since 1996. Editor’s talk about her, Editor’s can’t work without her, and now since she has decided to give the modeling career a rest, the Editor’s can now only dream about her, what a cruel world…

Even professional photographer’s knew that they had someone unique, someone special, someone ultimately glamour. Every click of their cameras produced the most stimulating and erotic photos of one of the best glamour models representing our versatile country of dehisce, they knew they were going to miss this little Missy!

Having appeared in countless number of Internationally famous quality men’s magazines, from the top of the list ‘Mayfair’ ‘Playboy’, ‘The very best of Penthouse Girls’ and ‘Men Only’ the list is simply endless.

Natasha has also appeared in sexy lingerie catalogues and posed for topless calendars, which you may have had in your office etc during the past few years. It seems like the photographers got really trigger happy with this extraordinary beauty.

Sexy Escorts London

She has been dancing full-time since 1998 performing erotic striptease for many of London’s top clubs, West End ‘Stringfellows’ is one of those that she mentioned. She specializes in explicit XXX rated striptease including fantasy role-play – stripograms, stag parties – lap dancing, pole dancing and American-style table dancing. Gorgeous Natasha has a variety of fetish and fantasy costumes and lingerie.

This well educated articulate lady looks absolutely stunning. She has a magnificent 34B – 24 – 34 figure that creates quite a scene in a shopping complex full of men and young dudes. Natasha has sexy long blonde hair and is a petite 5’5” tall. A brown-eyed girl who has bubbly outgoing, outrageous personality full of fun, fun, fun… She enjoys dinning out at classy restaurants, clubs and bars with Champagne on the menu.

Just by looking at her you can make out her characteristics and personality, a sensual lady who is kind, relaxed and passionate about the World around us. She is aware that we are the same and that’s why she wanted to show us her assets!

Curvaceous Natasha is many dreams and talent rolled into one, she has extensive experience in her field of showcasing her body, I’m sure she will find a pose that will have you gob smacked.

She is a very romantic and an old fashioned girl at heart having a weakness for red roses, and cute cuddly teddy bears. She adores lingering in subtle fragrances of designer perfume, which gives her confidence and motivation. Natasha has a very expensive taste for sexy lingerie, designer clothes, cosmetics and everything that is expensive. Basically this lady of elegance is full of class.
“Hands up, who would like to meet Natasha!!!”


London Sexy Escort Companion

April 7th, 2009

21 year old Monika is 5’8″ tall, has a lovely personality and an attitude that you can’t help but like. Her self-assurance makes her a take-charge kind of a girl, always in the mood for a great time. She has the body of a glamour model, the face of an angel and long trim legs like those of a dancer. Monika will be one of the hottest girls you will ever meet and the pure thought of her will make you sweat. The mixture of her spellbinding but natural looks and down to earth personality assure a long-lasting delightful memory of this enjoyable liaison.

Long lashes compliment her sparkling dark brown eyes and her baby doll lips give her that fresh-faced look that takes on a sweet and irresistible joyful expression when she smiles. Monika is a polite young lady with a cute Hungarian accent. This brunette is intelligent, feisty and simply fun to be with. Have your eyes feast on her perfectly proportioned body with wonderful, luscious 34C boobs that magically draw your attention, stimulate your passion and give you a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits you. Her velvety skin, soft and delicate, longs to be touched by you and will shiver of pure pleasure under your fingertips.

Monika’s sense of sensuality, her sultry demeanor and effortless charisma make her an unforgettable woman with a wonderful presence when you take her out on a date. Dressed in fine designer wear and high heels she effortless conquers gentlemen’s hearts simply by walking by. You will be proud to have this fine young woman at your side, making you feel you could do anything. Monika is a very attentive companion who fires up your masculinity and nourishes your inner most desires.

Sexy Escort Companion London

Monika speaks English and Hungarian fluently and is a very friendly and modest girl. Her interest in your well being and flirtatious way of communicating with you, makes her a very agreeable companion that will make your liaison to the kind that you will enjoy thinking back to. You will feel very much at ease in her uncomplicated company and find her teasing witty humor greatly amusing, filling each second of your date with tremendous joy and delight. This girl is flat-out gorgeous and will lift up your date to levels you will experience as uniquely satisfying.

Monika is a stunning escort when accompanying you to a social or cultural event in London, the UK or abroad. She absolutely loves to travel and would be delighted to add some spunk to your trip, making it a highlight in your life worth doing over. Whatever the occasion will be, she will brighten it up with her cheerful personality making it an experience that you will carry close to your heart.

When staying in London you could take Monika out for dinner at a fine Mediterranean restaurant. Enjoy your meal at a candlelit table and share a bottle of wine with her, indulge in her pleasant come-ons and feel very special when you are in the limelight of her attention. Subtlety she will wrap you in her charm and when taking you home she will introduce you to heaven on earth.

Want to leave the city behind for a few days? Invite Monika on a trip to the country side or sea shore to recharge your batteries and return as a new man. Monika loves being outdoors, particularly the coastline and beach. Just think of how wonderful it will be to experience a cozy get-away and fall asleep completely satisfied and content with this beautiful woman in your arms.

Intelligent Escort With a Perfect Body

March 3rd, 2009

Mel radiates warmth and sensuality and is very desirable for gentlemen with high expectations and exquisite taste. Her Mediterranean temperament melts you on the spot, seducing you with her passion for physical enjoyment and pleasures.

Charming Mel looks absolutely stunning. She has a luscious 34C bust and is a petite 5’5” tall. Every inch of Mel is admirable. Her silky natural black hair and soft skin invite your fingertips to explore this incredible girl. She smells truly feminine, deeply sensual, with a pinch of roses – like passionate intimacy.

She is a woman who appreciates herself and has highly developed senses for the finer things in life. She enjoys going out for dinner at Italian and French restaurants and will surely not resist your invitation to a chilled glass of Champagne. Get lost in her sparkling brown eyes, when she sits across your table during your date.

Intelligent Sexy Escort

Mel makes for a well educated companion, has a university degree and speaks 3 languages (Italian, Spanish and English) fluently. She has a natural aura and is the girl you can talk with and laugh with. She will make your intimate moments together a highlight in your life. Arrange a liaison with this beautiful girl and have a truly passionate experience which will stay with you for a very long time.

Just by looking at her you can see she’s a sensual, relaxed individual who cares about the world around her. To keep her mind balanced and her perfect body in shape, she enjoys running in the park. Her love for beauty and harmony make her a sophisticated yet modern dresser with exquisite taste. She has an appreciation for art, Van Gogh being her favorite painter.

She is an open minded 21st century girl, who is fond of going out and enjoying the roaring London night life. She likes clubbing and the atmosphere of a classy pub. Dive into unforgettable moments of fun and lightheartedness with this enchanting young woman. Allow yourself the experience of ultimate passion and be carried away by the warmth of her embrace. Unwrap her femininity and bathe in pure pleasure.

…and remember, she would never decline an invitation to visit her favorite city Rome. This is Mel!

Elegant Blond Swedish Escort

February 1st, 2009

Maddie looks like from heaven sent! Her long hair a golden blond, frames her remarkable pretty face and her turquoise green eyes are simply magnetic. Her absolutely striking figure with her all-natural 32DD bosom, slim waist and appetizing firm behind will put you in a state of euphoric bliss. She has the softest lips and when meeting this little minx you’ll see that this miraculously attractive, exceptionally sensual and self confident young woman is equipped with an inimitable grace.

Maddie is Swedish and feels at ease in her soft and youthful skin, which is pristine from top to toe. Your liaison will bear the scent of wild flowers with a touch of playful girlishness. Maddie is 5’7” tall and you will not be able to take your eyes off her because this beauty is the alpha and omega of sexual delight, a passionate, naughty seductress that will carry you away wrapped in the full flower of her womanhood.

You will be thrilled by Maddie’s genuine unwavering sensual interest. She is radiant and has a serene personality, deep and mysterious like the ocean, complemented by an appetite for adventure and physical activity. She works out in the gym to keep her body in the best shape and loves outdoor activities like horse riding during spring and summer. Maddie loves excitement; she enjoys the adrenaline rush she gets from extreme sports like snow jumping. This girl definitely has a wild side to her!

Blonde Swedish Escort

She is a sociable girl and appreciates good company and interesting conversations. Maddie has stylish and exquisite taste and likes dressing up in elegant creations by Christian Dior. When she wears her favorite lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur, she is a tasteful and irresistible piece of high-quality passion, which only requires to be gently unwrapped by you to be enjoyed.

Maddie enjoys going out! Especially enjoying dinner at a fine seafood restaurant with a kind gentleman, sharing a bottle of chilled white wine and engaging in pleasant conversation, would be something she would like tremendously. Her appearance in a dress that clings to her every curve with a plunging neckline, while wearing high heels will just be a small appetizer of what you can expect from this graceful and sexy girl.

The more you get to know her, the more you want her. Her sweet gestures and charming flirtatious nature will illuminate her face and fill you with desire. Give in and don’t hold back, because she can take you to her place or go to yours, just as you wish. Whatever your choice will be, it will be undoubtedly satisfying and quench your thirst for a truly memorable liaison.

Maddie is great company for a list of activities you are able to enjoy when you are in London. She knows all the fine establishments in the city and would very much enjoy having a couple of drinks and going clubbing or enjoying a more sophisticated evening visiting the theatre. She will prove to be a greatly entertaining and sexy companion for any event you might want to undertake. Even if you decide to go on a brief trip to the countryside to relax and ease off, Maddie would favor to be your companion. You might even go horse riding together and enjoy a true Amazon at your side!

Nice Escort Girl With Stimulating Body

January 3rd, 2009

Kylie is a young girl who has a bright bubbly personality and is full of arousing sensuality. She’s of simply lip-smacking making and enjoys seducing you with her beautiful smile, irresistible charm and gorgeous figure. She is playful and has a developed sense for adventure and fun.

Kylie is an ash blond beauty, has glistening hazel eyes and a nifty vibrancy about her. Her firm 34B bust invites to be kissed, her skin feels warm and delicate and her legs are well shaped and trim. Every inch of Kylie’s body is worth mentioning and is there to be discovered and admired by you. This girl will awaken your manhood and make you feel like you’ve landed in heaven.

When you want to have fun or are looking for an exiting and energizing companion who will spice up your life, Kelly is your girl! Her slim body will let you know what it feels like to be totally alive and her gentle touch will put you in a state of bliss. She smells like fresh citrus, wrapped in vanilla on a base of deep erotic musk. This scent is memorable just as your liaison will be.

Nice Escort Girl

This girl is a playful teaser who likes to generously entertain with her energetic personality. She would enjoy having dinner at a fine restaurant and perhaps share with you a plate of pasta and a bottle of wine while engaging in a stimulating conversation. This great evening can be continued in a classy bar, where you can enjoy a cocktail or two and each others company. Kylie will focus of her attention on you and this self confident young lady will seduce you with her flirtatious inviting looks and gentle nature.

Kylie has a great interest literature and the theatre and likes movies that are based on true stories, have a romantic flair and an unpredictable outcome. She likes the romantic city Venice and would adore joining you on a trip. She’s a girl with a very healthy and positive outlook on life, is very spontaneous and brightens up any room she enters. Prepare for a stimulating encounter filled with sensual delights that you can reflect on for quite some time.

Gorgeous Kylie is the right companion for anything you would like to undertake in the bustling city of London. Be it a visit to the theatre or opera, an exiting evening at the casino or drinks at a nightclub, she will be delighted to escort you. Kylie has a cultivated sense of style and will look absolutely amazing at your side. You can certainly show off with this attractive young lady!

You would like a more quiet time together? That can be arranged! Kylie looks forward to welcoming you at her place or visiting you at yours. Just imagine when the door opens and you see her in her sexy lingerie…

Striking Beautiful Escort Like Flowers

December 10th, 2008

Striking beautiful, like a flower, describes Kate best. This English girl is of exceptional fine making, projecting feminine youth and delicate fine features, combines with a just about endless energy. She is a girl you turn around for when she passes you by, charismatic vibrancy and a natural grace are her assets, that are sensed from far away and catch the attention.

She’s a blonde, blue eye beauty, with perfect peach skin, grand, long legs, a 34B firm bust and she is a petite 5’3” tall. Kate is dreamy babe, but knows how to deal with the real world. Modelling and posing for fashion photographers, showing off swim wear and serving as a model for advertisements, she knows the quick and fast pace of the world today. Having a date with Kate will provide you an imprint and a totally new impression of what a young woman is capable off when taking really good care of a real man.

Exploring Kates nature and being in her polite and tender care is refreshing like a summer breeze and like sunbeams after a cold day. She has a great sense of the beauty in simple things, such as sunsets and daisy flowers like the Gerbera. Kate brightens up the world with her smile generating a light atmosphere around her that attracts people in general and makes them feel at ease. You will be able to close your eyes and recall her smell, probably longing for her when she’s gone. Kate has this rich feminine scent, sophisticated with a note of spice and sensual, seductive warm amber in it.

Striking Beautiful Escort

She is a highly educated girl, talented in many ways with a professional understanding of Dance, Theatre and English literature. Dancing is essential to her, first of all to keep herself fit but also having music in her blood it serves to clear the redundant energy because she got loads of it. She works on her beauty to keep it firm, seductive and in shape so you are able to explore it with pleasure, admiration and delight inch for inch.

Her character is best described as a combination of emotional and mental refinement and a fair heart. She is a gentle and exciting girl, operating on a clear intelectual level when making English conversations this will please you when you have high expectations and desire “more” as the outcome of a date! She contributes with her prescence to a truly exclusive and extremely pleasant date.

A visit to a Thai restaurant would be on her wish list for a dinner date but she also fancies Italian Cuisine. She will be thrilled if you share a Malibu with her because this is her favorite drink. and then take you out clubbing until the sun comes up.

This girl knows how to handle you, how to make you happy, feel relaxed and best of all you can be totally yourself in her company. She will make sure you will get only the “Best” on all levels of this date.

Imagine to have this skyblue eyes right opposite of you making you heart go faster, and then wrapping your arms around her, holding her close and tight to you. You will feel her excitement, her passionate breath and then you both take off to warm and incredible heights.

Sexy Portuguese Female

December 2nd, 2008

Let the sunshine in and welcome this young 18 year old Portuguese girl into your life! Iza brings the sunny cheerfulness and vibrant charismatic nature of one of Europe’s most favored holiday destinations straight to London. Take a break, unwind and warm yourself with this striking, luscious beauty that is a natural source of light and happiness. Be moved by her sensual caress and spoiled by her sizzling hot nature. Wrap your arms around her appetizing curves and feel like you just have entered paradise.

Saucy Iza tickles your senses with her long golden blond hair and the distinct beautiful features of her face; her magnetic green eyes, inviting luscious lips and sweet smile. Her kisses will be like an accord of soft tenderness, boosting into an explosion of passion. Her marvelous round 34B bust, feminine hips, ultra firm and deliciously curved behind is simply mouth watering and will most definitely light your fire instantly. Her delicate skin, soft as satin smells like dipped in young feminine sensuality, sweet as honey enriched with lustful girlishness and won’t be easily forgotten. Her adventurous, cheery personality and positive view on life make her a very pleasant and tantalizing companion.

Enchanting Iza will take your senses on a ride with her warm, voluptuous body and touch your heart with her affectionate and sweet nature. Your male energy will be lit by this beautiful girl and will burn passionately. Wave after wave, sensations of pure delight will wash over you with Iza’s uninhibited and girlish personality. Touch her feminine curves, feel her soft warmth and indulge in moments of pure ecstasy where you are allowed to fully enjoy this wonderful liaison without any restrictions.
Iza speaks fluently Portuguese and is currently perfecting her English. She is an open minded girl, both kind and modest with whom you can easily connect. Perhaps you love Britain’s coastline just as Iza does and will enjoy a brief get away together where you can indulge in this young girl’s sweet and warm companionship. Iza is an excellent choice when you want to brighten up your life, returning to your daily obligations with a relaxed smile on your face.

When she’s in London Iza likes everything city life has to offer; shopping, the cinema, restaurants, going out to nightclubs and bars where she enjoys a drink and a laugh. If you want a fresh young escort to accompany you to these sorts of occasions you can call upon Iza. She will happily be your exciting and sexy companion, guiding you through London making sure that it will be a fully satisfying event which will most definitely exceed your expectations.

You may want to invite this young lady to a candlelight dinner. Iza is fond of the rich and diverse Italian cuisine and taking her to a fine restaurant will prove to be very gratifying when you are in her unwavering and attentive care and bathe in her flirtatious attention. You will breathe sensuality with each cell of your body when Iza takes you home and you finally gently remove her fine lingerie to indulge in her luscious femininity.

Prepare for excitement when you decide to go to Venice and take Iza with you. Venice is Iza’s favorite city and she will court you, wrap you in her delightful charm and make the stars shine more brightly than ever before.

Hot Passionate Girl

November 16th, 2008

Giselle ma belle is remarkably tempting and will rock your world with her incredible body and charming personality. She will tease your senses by conjuring luscious sensual feelings while she weaves threads of pure pleasure, making you live in the moment and convincing you nothing else matters. She is a gourmand dish that satisfies your appetite and quenches your thirst resulting in a liberating state of bliss.

Giselle will titillate your fancy and you will discover she’s a multi-sensory aphrodisiac. Her silky strands of brown hair, amazingly large emerald eyes and soft sensuous lips provide her with explicit beautiful looks. With her velvety soft skin from top to toe, dazzling 34B bust and nice round bottom, soft and firm like a peach she represents all that a man could ever wish for. Her long, perfectly shaped legs will entice and caress your senses when she wraps herself around you, making your pulse race, your breath quicken and wish you could hold on to this moment forever. She is a confident young lady who will nurture and cater to your aroused male instincts, evoking sizzling passion with her warmth.

Hot Passionate Girl

This feisty young woman feels very comfortable and confident in her delicious skin, carrying her female eroticism as a gift from Mother Nature. She enjoys making your mouth water when she removes her sexy lingerie slowly from her hips and she longs for your desirable looks while she purrs like a sweet, wild kitten under your touch. Your time together will take you to new passionate heights, initiated by this seducing sexual libertine who loves to indulge, play with you and wants you to feel free to follow your fantasy and fully satisfying your desires.

Giselle reads books of appreciated and publicly recognized best authors and speaks three languages fluently (English, Portuguese and Spanish). She is an intelligent girl with an interesting background and you’ll have a successful dinner date with Giselle’s fine sense of humor and love for lively fun. She favors the Mediterranean cuisine, preferably seafood and if this pleases you too she will reciprocate your invitation with a shower of passionate graces and make this liaison very special for you to remember.

This girl is also great company for a night at the theater, a visit to an art gallery or a stroll down London’s famous shopping streets. All of these activities enjoy her equal interest and she will prove to be an exceptional attentive and gracious companion, adding fun and spice to your date. If you feel like recharging your batteries, the countryside might be an excellent choice with enthusiastic Giselle escorting you. She loves to leave the city behind and go to more tranquil settings to clear her mind. Enjoy Britain’s lush nature and Giselle’s care to help you unwind, relax and completely satisfy you.

Adventurous Escort Girls With a Curvaceous Body

November 16th, 2008

Erica is all woman, has luscious curves exactly where they need to be and knows how to show you a good time with her energetic and adventurous personality. This sports fan oozes warmth and sensuality, loves to entertain and gives new meaning to the word “excitement”.

She is a natural blonde with exceptional dark blue eyes, full lips, a firm 75A bust men simply cannot resist and she is 5’6” tall. Look at this stunner, her pretty face, her lips just waiting to be kissed and a body that will take you straight to heaven. Her outgoing personality and friendliness makes her easy going and her erotic impact will have you asking for more.

Erica loves life, is absolutely sexy and has a fine personality always pleased to entertain. She is modest, witty, down to earth and values people for what they really are. The girl is truly authentic and fun to be with. She smells like a soft summer breeze and a mix of warm exotic spices. This scent will stay with you for a while.

Adventurous Escort Girls

Have her join you for dinner at an Italian restaurant and share a bottle of wine to start the evening. She is a pleasant companion to have and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Getting to know her better, you will discover she likes to wrap her sexy body in luxurious lingerie made by Argentivo. Just imagine removing her little silk panties, it will have your pulse racing!

Erica speaks 2 languages fluently (Polish and English) and conversing with her will prove most interesting. Jeffrey Archer is her favorite author and she is a huge sport fan, watching sports on TV regularly. She’s a great companion to have a fun and exiting date with. Let this charming and beautiful girl add some pleasure to your life!

She is a girl with various interests and would like to spend time with a gentle and mature man, such as visiting London’s art galleries, going to a musical or joining you for a romantic dinner. Whatever you are up to when you are in London, Erica will greatly enjoy accompanying you in her favorite city and adding an extra dimension to your life.

Erica’s caring treats will make you feel at ease. Be it in her home, your hotel or apartment, her silky skin and gorgeous body will make your heart pound and leave you breathless. Just think of holding her tight and how she wraps herself around you, bringing you to heights you only fantasized about.

Nice Escort With a Down To Earth Personality

October 24th, 2008

Hold on tight, because when you get to meet Elisa she will introduce you to a world of sizzling passion, sweet seduction, endless beauty filled with unprecedented highlights. This red-hot girl is something else; with her fantastic figure and gorgeous Italian looks she makes even the most discerning, chivalrous man weak at the knees. Elisa has a sensational sexy atmosphere around her and is a perfect match for the keen pleasure seeker.

This Italian young lady will have you mesmerized with her enticing dark eyes, brown curly hair, olive complexion, tiny waist and a gorgeous firm 32B bust. With her superb body she has been on fashion runways countless times, swinging with her endless legs on high heels in the flashlights of photographers and being published in fashion magazines around the world. She is an actress who has the charisma and appearance of a celebrity and a breathtaking vibrancy. Elisa stirs up your vitality and ignites your fire when you touch her deliciously smooth skin. She will wrap you in a blanket of sensuality and passion with smooth delicate layers of eroticism when you hold her in your arms.

Elisa is a girl who knows what she wants and prefers her man to be an open minded, playful type who is considerate but knows how to take charge. She is charming, flirtatious and enjoys sharing a laugh. Even with her gorgeous looks, this girl is not at all vain. She has a brilliant mind, speaks Japanese and French fluently and being with this highly refined creature will make you say: “life is good!” She is an intensive and extraordinary woman who satisfies you in more ways you thought possible and stimulates each pore of your being.

Nice Escort With a Down To Earth Personality

Elisa’s dream date would be going out and dancing the night away. She is fond of music and she prefers non alcoholic drinks. Inviting her to a night of clubbing would be an excellent opportunity to get to know this girl …and afterwards you can take her home to indulge in a succulent experience of sensual delights that will stay with you forever.

Elisa is a diverse individual and her desires are infinitely interesting. If you would like to take her out for dinner, you needn’t worry about which restaurant to pick; she likes all types of food. Enjoy the company of this sophisticated, yet easy going girl over a meal and have a memorable time.

Stimulating your taste buds will set the mood and increase both of your appetites for a more spicy and passionate encounter afterwards. Take her home, close the door behind you and forget about the world.

No one can show you the city of Rome like Elisa can. As an Italian and absolute fan of this city, she knows all the best spots and can introduce you to a true authentic Rome, which is exciting, lively and pulsating. Seize the opportunity to have her accompany you when you feel like a short get-away and live the life you know you deserve.

London’s Erotic Feisty Parties

October 5th, 2008

Have you ever been to one of the unique and extravagant erotic parties that are held in London for invited guests only? No? Well I will just provide you with a glimpse of it.

If you’re under 40, handsome and have enjoyed and completed a higher education and on top of that are wealthy, most likely you will be invited too if you know the person that knows another person and that person has connections with the person that creates the exclusive list of guests.

I was impressed of the building in which the party was held. Located in London’s finest neighborhood, my best friend had seized the opportunity to introduce to me the surrealistic happening of this event. Big limousines parked outside that promised me a night in a decadent and rich atmosphere. The big, black painted door with a bronze lion’s head, gave space to an experience that topped pretty much all I had seen or engaged in so far.

Beautiful, breathtaking women was the first thing I noticed. Elegantly dressed, tastefully styled, blonde, brunette and black, standing, floating on endless legs, on high heels through the building, up the stair case, in corners with drinks in their graceful well manicured hands. Music, dimmed lights, lots of candles and the smell of sweet vanilla filled the room. Couples kissing and being entangled with each other on sofas, in corners, touching and cuddling each other. Two women by the window were holding hands and one was caressing the other.

Erotic Feisty Parties in London

There she was, gorgeous, a red head. Hair curling down to her waist, reflecting the light in a copper glow, with big brown eyes, wearing a skimpy top revealing more than consealing, in a pair of jeans and high heeled sandals. She was like a soft breeze with a label that this should be handled with care as otherwise it could very well turn into a wild storm. I was quite embarrassed that I was obviously totally unable to take my eyes off her. I was staring and couldn’t stop starring. Then out of nowhere this guy turned up. He looked like a manager from some firm, a little stiff and adding a dash of kinky touch in his private hours. He dared to put his arms around her and they left.

The hostess in her dress, speaking with a Cockney London accent, with an amazing plunging neckline hit a gong, the sound vibrated through the room, down the stairway into all corners of the building. The room filled itself with men and women with the blush of excitement and sparkling desire in their eyes. Not one of them was unattractive, all seemed happy and equipped with a high voltage of sensuality. The hostess announced “The Show”.

The round podium was cleared of cushions and entangled bodies. The room darkened and there she was again in the middle of the podium in the spot light. Dancing to the music of the 80’s. Erotic dancing I have seen many times but this was impressively steaming. She teased and played the room, she took the heat up in a continues line. The way she threw back her red hair, shook her hips and her firm butt and took off her jeans made the mouths of the gents fill with water, their pupils widened and their hearts raced. When she reached the point of being completely and utterly nude, the room was in ecstasy and I, at this point, was already completely out of my mind.

I caught her finally after her performance complimenting her for her great act. She smiled whimsically and looked at me with a challenging look in her eyes. I tried hard to get into a deeper conversion to retrieve her contact details. But no luck, before we got to this part this annoying guy turned up again, collecting her as his item.

She turned around quickly and slipped a calling card into my hand. “You can find me there,” she said, “today I am here with a client.” I looked at the card. It read: The Babylongirls of London, London’s finest escort service. You bet I will call (+44 (0) 791 9077 777) this London escort girl and I will see this mesmerizing red head again!

Young Romanian Escort Girl

September 17th, 2008

In the mood for a lively and fun packed liaison? This sexy girl has tantalizing naughtiness written all over her. Daniela’s sheer inexhaustible fun-loving energy in combination with her heavenly figure is nearly too good to be true. These pictures are authentic and so is she!

Daniela is an absolutely gorgeous Romanian escort with a surprising sparkle that will make you sweat just by looking at her. This girl has a gorgeous petit frame, skin like satin, a cheeky smile and inviting eyes, glancing at you seductively. Her moist luscious lips are a promise of heaven and her curvaceous body is a pure delight. Daniela is equipped with Mother Nature’s best, is a petite 5’4” tall with an abundantly beautiful 32D bust and a set of trim legs from which you can tell she definitely works out. This girl takes good care of her physique, is in great shape and won’t shy away from testing your stamina!

This brunette speaks English fluently and will be delighted to join you for dinner at a fine restaurant of your choice. All kinds of cuisine appeal to this girl, so you need not worry about which restaurant to pick. Enjoy her company, share a bottle of wine and fill your evening with flirtatious laughter which will lead to getting to know this sexy lady more intimately in the privacy of your residence or her home.

Young Romanian Escort Girl

Daniela has a cheerful, bubbly personality which you will find very entertaining and her positive outlook on life will certainly brighten your day. Her sociable character, open-mindedness and natural magnetism make her very easy going. This girl makes friends easily, is adventurous and outgoing and very popular because of her friendliness. Her creative mind and affectionate nature will certainly appeal to you.

Her scent is intoxicatingly feminine yet has a splash of refreshing girlishness and is a blend of intriguing, captivating sensuality. She loves music, likes to dance and would very much enjoy showing you what the bustling London nightlife has to offer. Wrap your arm around her waist, join her on a night on the town and experience London like never before. She will shower you with her dedicated attention, amuse you and tease you but does so with elegant flare. Daniela will surely agree with your taste and make you a happy man.

Daniela is the girl next door who likes to have fun and who will add a new and exiting feeling of well being to your life. The rewards are guaranteed, unwinding and very satisfying indeed. Whatever you feel like doing when you are in London, Daniela will be happy to be your escort and show you all that her favorite city has to offer. Enjoy her spirited personality and authentic enthusiasm, which you will find enchanting when she accompanies you on a shopping spree, a visit to the theatre or an evening at a classy bar or nightclub. Celebrate life’s greatest pleasures with this stunning young escort girl!

Daniela loves to travel. If you would like to have a companion with you when business calls you away, Daniela is a fine young lady who will surely show you her warm appreciation for taking her on a trip and make it an unforgettable experience which you will like to do over more than once!

Amazing Escort From Portugal

September 14th, 2008

This sensational young woman is a delight for any man. Clarisa is as authentic as can be, being curvaceous, glamorous and charismatic as a true pinup. Prepare yourself for an amazing encounter because Clarisa embodies the ultimate male fantasy and is everything a man could ever desire which is rarely found in the real world. Clarisa is very real and the archetype of a woman. She is a blend of luscious beauty, bright energy, feminine carnal sensuality and she maintains a very own sophisticated style which gentlemen with high expectations simply won’t do without! Clarisa is a treat for a connoisseur of high class female escort.

Her legs reach all the way to the heavens and she naturally grasps everyone’s attention with her sparkling presence and unique style. Her fabulous trimmed body, firm and curvaceous, will make your imagination run wild and when giving you a glimpse of her satin like skin, this woman will make you feel like you have arrived in paradise. Her long golden blond hair, prominent blue eyes which sparkle like a mountain lake and sensual luscious lips create the magnificent and unforgettable features of her face. She bursts of self confidence when she embarks on a date with you, feels very comfortable in her skin and shows off her fine frame unconstrained, invitingly presenting it. Grant yourself an unprecedented highlight in your life and indulge in sensually packed pleasures with Clarisa.

This girl is not just an artist when it comes to creating a generous and deeply satisfying encounter, but she loves to express her creativity by painting, singing and professionally dancing too. Her moves are both graceful and smooth and add to her elegant posture, hereby enriching her sophistication and grace. Her supple and slender body is trained to collect awards in swimming competitions and her sportive energy can be traced back to every inch of her gorgeous body, which is firm and in absolute pristine shape. Transform your fantasies into reality and plunge into pure delight when she wraps her thighs around you, looking hotter than ever when you hold her in your arms.

Escort From Portugal

Clarisa is articulate and well spoken. A charming, sparkling lady with a witty humor to invite to a dinner date that promises excitement and entertainment. She’s refreshing like a summer breeze, breathtakingly beautiful and will look amazingly elegant and irresistibly sexy in her stylish dress highlighted by her eye-catching cleavage when meeting you. The choice of the restaurant is up to you as Clarisa trusts your excellent taste and would offer a lady of her class nothing but the best, as you will be rewarded generously with the best in return too.

Clarisa is an excellent companion to escort you to all sorts of grand events and occasions in Portugal and abroad. From high profile social events to an intimate evening of dinner and drinks, she is your charming companion, looking absolutely magnificent and excitingly sexy on your arm. Other gents will pass you admiring glances and everyone will recognize you are a successful man who greatly enjoys life. Enjoy the attention and know that Clarisa is all yours and all of her attentiveness and flirtatious looks are for you.

Clarisa is well traveled and would very much enjoy joining you on a trip. It will result in your most exciting and hottest time to remember, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Nice Blonde Sidney Escort

September 6th, 2008

Enticing Carolina, a cool blonde young Australian female escort form Sidney she is able to melt even the coldest ice. This incredibly attractive lady is used to her looks creating quite a stir and her beauty has been showcased in well known magazines such as Playboy. Wherever she goes she has men adore her and look at her with pure desire in their eyes. She has everything to offer that a refined gentleman appreciates in a companion; elegance, charm, refined beauty, an intellectual mind and a deep sensual core.

Carolina is a natural blonde, has penetrating sexy blue eyes, seductive warm and tender skin, a gorgeous 34B bust and is 5’8” tall. She has a natural finesse, oozes sophistication and is confident about her persona. This lady has the ability to make traffic stop! She feels comfortable even in the most exclusive circles, is very articulate and knows how to converse with an established gentleman. When leaning in, you’ll be able to take in her scent which reminds you of a bed of flowers; Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, a heart of Jasmine combined with a base of cedar.

Carolina is not only beautiful but also intelligent and her warm personality will make your time together unforgettable. She has a university degree, feels comfortable in her own skin, cherishes the values of life, respects the flow of energies, and possesses true equilibrium. She is a true romantic who enjoys strolls in the park, prefers white roses, and likes to have an intimate dinner while sharing a bottle of wine.

Nice Blonde Escort Just Arrived From Sidney Australia

She knows how she wants to live her life, is considerate, down to earth and likes to indulge in physical stimulus. She uses cooking as a creative outlet which is a sensual process and the product can be enjoyed with physical senses. A good meal does more than simply satisfy your hunger, just as Carolina will give you more than just pure physical pleasure. She loves to be in the company of a refined gentleman and will most definitely show her appreciation.

She is a modern and well traveled 21st century young woman, with exclusive taste who likes to dress up in classic creations by Coco Chanel. Carolina is as expressive as the creations of her favorite painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Wrap you arm around her little waist, visit an art gallery and be surprised by her knowledge of art or go and see a musical, she will enjoy either. Her preference goes out to quiet locations where one does not get distracted, is undisturbed and able to fully enjoy each other. Carolina clearly likes to focus all of her attention on you when you are on a date.

Choose a fine Italian restaurant, share a bottle of chilled Champagne and take your time getting to know Carolina’s sparkling personality. Her irresistible glances and her smooth walk will prepare you for the exciting moments that are still to come. Discover the simmering heat under her sophisticated and classy exterior and get acquainted with her sensuality when you have her all to yourself. Allow yourself being swept away by a wave of bliss and let Carolina take you to new heights.

Enjoy your date with Carolina!

Argentina Female Escort

September 2nd, 2008

Bella Argentina is wonderfully represented by this kind-hearted, sweet and most of all beautiful 21 year old temptress. She is female sensuality in an enticing girlish wrapping. Bella can’t wait to spend time with a true gentleman like you with whom she will create an erotically loaded atmosphere which will make you feel like you’re floating on air. You’ll have a hard time forgetting about this young Italian beauty that is sweet like icing on cake. Her genuine kindness and keen wit combined with a mysterious air makes her an extremely interesting escort who will most certainly exceed your expectations and ensure you will be very pleased with her companionship.

When you meet this gorgeous girl and she looks at you with her dark inviting eyes and subtle smile, you will see you have made the right choice by inviting her. Bella is a classy girl, always elegantly dressed and very sexy. She is a bundle of joy and will make your time together a warm intimate experience which will linger in your memory when she’s gone.

Bella’s beautiful brown hair frames her girlish baby-doll face and her full soft lips seem to be made for one purpose only: to be a source of pleasure and to be kissed passionately. Her gorgeous feminine body at 5’7” tall is perfectly proportioned with a 34B bust and a wonderful set of assets for you to enjoy. Her scent is filled with seduction, vibrating the moments of passionate indulgence that is both playful and deeply satisfying. Bella is armored with an enticing, sensual power which ideally complements a gentle man that seeks a young, intense escort who inspires you and awakens your playfulness.

Argentina Female Escort

Bella speaks two languages fluently (Spanish and English) and has a warm, sensible character. She is a sociable young lady with a bright and cheerful personality, always full of energy and dressed top-notch. She keeps her precious assets in perfect condition and loves to dance to preserve the smoothness of her youthful body. Fashion is important to her as it is a way to express herself and a representation of who she is. Therefore she likes wearing stylish feminine dresses and flattering tops which accentuate her delicious body. When you softly remove her sexy lingerie made of silk and satin you will get lost in her enticing eyes and warm affection. She will have you glowing with delight.

Inviting Bella for dinner will provide you with more mouth-watering delicacies than just the food that is being served. While sharing a superb bottle of wine you won’t help but center on the fine woman sitting across from you who glances at you with her big brown, flirtatious eyes. Have your eyes follow her incredible long legs, the roundness of her perfect behind, the curve of her waist and the arc of her lush bosom. Seize the moment and create an unforgettable encounter with this desirable young woman.

Whether you would like to visit the theatre, see a musical, go to an art gallery or enjoy an evening at a nightclub sipping cocktails, Bella will be your perfect escort. She will make any of these events an absolute feast and when bathing in her attentive company you will realize that life is good with a woman like that at your side. Grant yourself an exceptionally exciting encounter with this lovely lady from Argentina which you will cherish forever.

Argentine Escort Fresh From Buenos Aires

September 1st, 2008

Argentine female escorts are known as the most beautiful and attractive on this planet. Here is your chance to rhapsodize on the charms of this exquisite female native without having to go to Buenos Aires. You too will pay a passionate tribute to Argentine woman when meeting seductive Augustina, enjoying her charming and vital personality.

The way nature designed Augustina is nothing less than perfect and simply turns men on. Her natural coquettish ways and armory of attraction make Augustina magnetizing, making gent’s heads spin wherever she goes. She cherishes her carnal femininity and her temperamental personality give away she is a true Latina. Her ravishing looks and her organic beauty are incorporated into her entire being. There is nothing superficial or superimposed about Augustina, she is a harmonious celebration of female refinement. She combines the confidence of a modern woman with centuries of feminine allure which all men find simply irresistible.

Augustina is sensual in her style and elegant in her dress, emphasizing her gorgeous 5’7” tall body, and wonderful curves. Her long dark hair reaches down to her waist like a waterfall. Amazingly big brown eyes grace her beautiful face and her moist lips await your kiss. Her 34B bust is deliciously tempting, like juicy peaches on a hot summer day to quench your thirst. Her moves are energetic unrepressed sensuality. You are her audience; it’s you she wants to seduce, it’s you she wants to wrap in an enticing fabric of timeless passion and evoke an unrestricted festival of your senses. She is a truly entrancing woman with a sparkling and lively personality.

Argentina Escort From Buenos Aires

Augustina speaks Italian and Spanish fluently and is still perfecting her English. Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda is her favorite poet from which you can tell she cares about the world around her. She is energetic, interested and takes care of people that are in need of help. She likes action packed films and is fond of the high paced city life. She greatly enjoys clubbing and shopping but sometimes needs the calmness of the country side or seashore to achieve equilibrium.

Ever danced an original Tango? This is your chance to do so with a real Argentine woman. Put on your dancing shoes and let Augustina show you how to move, cheek to cheek, to the beat. While holding her in your arms, take her home and celebrate your sensitive side, floating between a dream world and reality when slowly undressing her. She is ready to seduce you and will take you beyond time and space onto a cloud of a highly sensual and satisfying liaison. Grant yourself to be showered in her attention, boosting your confidence and making you feel very special.

Experience her vital and stimulating passion and enjoy all that makes this girl exceptionally special. She will unwind you, spoil you and definitely bring out your passionate side.

Escort From The United States

September 1st, 2008

Anna is 5’10” tall, a stunning brunette model with breathtaking flamboyant flair and comes from the United States. This escort girl looks like a creation made in heaven and you will rarely meet someone with such flawless beauty. If you wish to spend high quality time with an exquisite young lady who feels comfortable in the most exclusive surroundings and is not foreign to discretion, Anna is the right match for you!

In Anna, sensuality meets sophisticated taste and this girl certainly leaves her mark wherever she goes. She is the muse of a gentleman who celebrates in style and knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Her striking sensational walk, long blond shiny hair which reaches down to her waist, marvelous mesmerizing green eyes and her exceptional beautiful frame are impressive features which make her the incredible woman she is. This girl does not go unnoticed!

Escort From The United States

Her look is softened and feminine, vibrating a genuine sweetness. Eyes, cheerful and magnetizing, in combination with her tender soft lips, create the compelling features of her face. Stroking her hair while kissing her moist lips will make your heart skip a beat. You will be captivated by her charming, sophisticated personality and will find her uplifting charisma revitalizing. Her positive attitude, to live life to the fullest and to luxuriate in the here and now, will catch up with you and take you to a state of total ecstasy and bliss.

Anna is well spoken, sincere, has a bright mind and fine wit as well. She works as a model presenting designer clothing, sexy lingerie and skimpy swimwear around the globe. Her gorgeous figure is her most precious asset, very well looked after and stays in perfect shape by working out extensively. You can have the privilege to meet this girl and enjoy her delightful body, caressing each and every curve when you visit her at her residence. Her glamorous 34D boobs are an attraction by themselves and will fulfill even your naughtiest expectations, making your heart race with excitement.

Her modeling career has taken her around the world, which make Anna a well traveled and cultivated young lady who is no stranger to foreign customs and cultures. She greatly enjoys engaging in interesting conversations when you plan a dinner date with her. A high class restaurant is the right setting for a tête-à-tête to start celebrating a truly satisfying liaison that will go beyond your expectations. Stylish and fashionable, Anna will meet you at the location of your choice, looking absolutely sensational in a designer dress that clings to her voluptuous bosom and shows off her sexy legs, making her your ideal escort for every occasion imaginable. With this first-class lady at your side there is nothing you can’t do!

London will be a true feast with Anna on your arm. Be it a high class social events or a visit to cultural happenings, Anna will make it a memorable encounter. Anna is also available when you wish to have her join you in a more exotic location such as New York, Miami, Paris or Rome – or when you simply want her to meet you at your hotel or home.

Stylish Angel Escort With Hot Sex Appeal

August 29th, 2008

Glamorous 24 year old Lisa is absolutely gorgeous and by far one of London’s most exquisite escorts. She is a super delicious, mouthwatering, hot blonde bombshell and leaves a trail of gazing men wherever she goes. With her luscious assets she will unleash your wild side and drive you to the highest heights.

If you require an extraordinary young escort angel who will give you more than the usual and is a true “femme fatale”, Lisa is the right girl for you! She feels comfortable with her body and a liaison with her will exceed your most daring fantasies. She is a true lady in public and a true fox in private. She’s a British blonde temptation, with eyes as blue as the sky, nicely tanned skin and a salaciously shaped 34DD bust. She has a slim figure, dazzling long legs and is 5’7” tall. Lisa is one of the most attractive girls around, flirtatious and overwhelmingly hot. Her sweet caress will put you in a state of ecstasy and she will take you to place where time does not exist. Go beyond anything you have ever experienced before and live the life you have only dreamed of until now. Lisa is the girl of your dreams who will fulfill your inner most desires.

Meeting this girl leaves an inextinguishable impression and puts you in a seductive trance. Lean back, let her do what she does best and let your senses be wrapped in exulted passion and tingly lust. She will take you higher and further than you would ever expect. Her magical, intoxicating, feminine scent, will remind you of her delightful presence when she’s gone.

Stylish Angel Escort With Hot Sex Appeal

Lisa is an uttermost active and sportive young lady who enjoys the outdoors. She likes going for a run in the park, practices rollerblading, goes horse riding and to keep her mind and body balanced she takes Yoga classes. Besides going to the gym to keep her fine body in great shape, she enjoys dancing. Her body is like a gift from heaven, in perfect condition for you to indulge in.

Lisa’s dream date would start with a charming gentleman at a fine French or Thai restaurant, where the delicacies stimulate the taste buds. Then enjoy a sparkling bottle of Champagne to raise the sensual awareness just a tad higher and then proceed to a more active setting such as a classy nightclub. It is quite imaginable your burning desire has reached a point where you can’t resist Lisa’s temptation any longer. In that case you can skip the night club, take this girl home and indulge in a highly addictive encounter with a true courtesan.

Lisa has a great sense of style and will certainly look absolutely stunning on your arm when she escorts you to the opera, theatre or casino. With her natural beauty and sparkling presence she draws the attention, but will solely and completely be yours. Whatever you would like to do when you are in London, you will surely enjoy Lisa’s company. She will make every moment memorable and will introduce you to new levels of pleasure.

London City of Fashion and Models

August 29th, 2008

London’s name as one of the most important trend-setters in fashion industry started in the
streets, created by young people that decided a unique personality deserves a unique outfit.
The London Style was created in the 60ies by creative, rebellious and fed up young people, who
absolutely had it with the boring and conservative grey suits and frigid looks that populated the
streets of the metropolitan.

Music Bands foremost coming from UK, like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who were spreading
the word of the innovative and versatile inspiration of the fashion designers in London by wearing
challenging outfits on tour and during their music clips. This helped a big hand promoting London
as The Fashion City especially for young people and in that regard threatening the status of Paris
to one point.

Young people across Europe traveled to London just to do some shopping, buy crazy stuff to wear,
shirts with flower print for the boys, velvet mini skirts with a military style velvet jacket, surprising
by colors, cut and accessories that were not available for sale in any other city of Europe at this

Small shops were concentrated in Carnaby Street, Kings Road and Portobello Road, drug stores
opened where you could drink, buy clothes and find the latest prints of newly published books.
Fashion shoots were taken on Trafalgar Square and in Hyde Park, in the Underground and the
popular night clubs of London. Models that were used to work in Paris started to be booked in
London. If you were a popular model you had to have a boy friend that was playing in a music
band. Gorgeous girls from around the globe shined as stars on the Catwalks of London and the
fashion of the streets was taken over by the industry and marketed professionally, making it to
one of the most lucrative income of the UK today. It was creating the image of the fashion city
that was just producing a different, more daring style than all the other fashion designers in
France or Italy did as to today.

London City of Fashion and Models

To be a model and preferably a super model, is a dream many girls hold and they go to London to
challenge their luck. To bridge the time on the way to get famous, like Naomi Campbell and Kate
Moss, and being on the cover of Elle, they work as London Escort girls enrolling at a recognized
and best Escort Agency.

Girls that are on the Catwalk and have spare time, as the competition is hard and large, can be a
companion for a evening or a complete night. They even accompany the “lonely at the top” men
during a tropical vacation or the holiday season in one of the castles the Uk has on offer. A night
out in one of London’s prestigious night clubs but are also available for a candlelit dinner in a fine
and popular restaurant for those who are sick and tired eating alone.

The girls are perfect, beautiful but also bored. Being an Escort spices up their life, makes it
exciting, just as it does for the gentlemen seeking their companionship. Most of the girls are
educated to the degree that they speak several languages fluently, or are visiting the University to
get their master degree when waiting for the career in the fashion industry to take off. They go to
auditions, work as dancers or guide gentlemen through the city of London with its many
sightseeings and entertainment and cultural events. They are insiders and know London best.

Being an Escort has lost its twilight ranking and is a lucrative job that allows the girls to bridge the
time to fame in style. Wearing the daring London fashion, visiting a visagist before meeting their
date and have a body peeling in one of the many luxurious parlors to present a perfectly smooth
skin are just a few necessities they think a girl should have when working in this industry. And one
day and that is a promise, you will see her on the cover of Elle presenting the London Trends.